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Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place says:

Classic American Cocktail Bar, specialised in classic cocktails. No need to follow the menu, highly skilled team will do any drink or create one on spot.  Average age of guests is 30-40. Interior is built for small groups 4-10 pax and the whole concept of drinks & food menu is made for sharing.

Social and Cocktail says:

Not to be confused with its namesake street in Slough, this little bar does in fact live on Kensington Park Rd. Which means that it’s part of the Notting Hill clan, and if you mistake that for Slough, well there’s something wrong with you. The biggest difference of course being that its worth going to great lengths to avoid Slough, but it’ll take you great lengths to get here. That’s the trouble with the nice bits of London, they’re a bugger to get to. What with that and Google maps seemingly yet to grasp the idea of putting a postcode marker within half a mile of where it should be, and by the time you get here you’ll be gagging for anything potable.

A good job then that potable happens to be a bit of a speciality at this ‘invitingly intimate’ bar. Rarely is a business the best source of accurate observational illiteration but on this occasion top marks are awarded for it does what it says on the tin. The hot seats here are at the bar, where the idea that your bartender might engage with his guests isn’t something that used to be done before cocktails became cool again. Proper old-fashioned customer service, hoorah!

If the welcome isn’t enough to convince you, the user-friendly menu sure will.  Not only does it list cocktails by style, but within each section is a few each of ‘classic’ and ‘inspired’ choices. They don’t stretch to popping the booze straight into your mouth, but spoon feeding it is, and I like it. This most utilitarian of menus pleases in spades; from the the perfectly executed sour classic that is the Tommy’s Margarita, through to the sweet, spicy and rummy Relight My Fire, rarely do they put a foot wrong.

Fittingly perhaps given the neighborhood, this is a restrained and conformist place. No bad thing by any stretch, but it doesn’t feel like crazy wild things happen on a Saturday night. Except for the taste buds that is, for this is a bar quite capable of delivering world-class cocktails. The hard-to-say easy-to-drink Duranguez Santa Ana is in effect a Mezcal Martinez with a hint of chilli. Making use of the house blend it delivers layers of flavour to get even this jaded cocktail geek clammering for more.

This is the sort of place to settle in for the night, and wish you could never leave. Hunger certainly won’t cause you to need to, for an impressive bar snack menu has been given just as much thought as the drinks. Faultless is a bold statement, but they come pretty close.


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