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LAB Bar says:

At the forefront of exceptional cocktails for over 10 years, LAB boasts an impressive and extensive menu of world renowned contemporary cocktails, made by some of London’s finest bartenders. We take pride in our passion – producing cocktails which will delight your palate. So, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or think that a mixed drink is no more than a JD & coke, we have a cocktail for you. Our award winning bartenders will gladly guide you through our cocktail selection, or make a drink up to suit your needs and tastes.

Social and Cocktail says:

In a city where new bars crop up faster than cress on wet tissue paper, there is something reassuringly familiar about a bar that has been around as long as LAB. This old timer has been around since before cocktails were cool (again), and whilst it bears the scars of excess, this only serves to exaggerate its effortlessly cool attitude. Lab Bar London

Speaking of attitude, service is a little dependent on the luck of the draw. At best it is relaxed and informal but sufficiently efficient so as to feature as a strength of a bar that clearly prides itself on not taking things, or itself, too seriously. At worst however, it is slapdash and reminiscent of that uninformed arrogance that permeates lesser establishments. Certainly you wont be wanting to visit to be treated like royalty, but for the most part obtaining your preferred libation is an inoffensive-enough process.

The cocktail list itself is unfashionably voluminous but all the more refreshing for it. From ‘streets ahead’ Lab creations to favourite classics, and from the ‘short and sexy’ to the ‘high and mighty’, there really is something for everyone here. At first glance it seems as if there is no focus, but the reality is that such diversity is actually this bars USP. With such a central location, and a drink to please every palate, it’s no wonder you’ll be needing to arrive early to bag yourself a seat.

Fortunately the occasional omission on the service front doesn’t extend to the drink-making which seems a pretty safe bet, if rarely venturing into the realm of extraordinary. I can live with solid and reliable however, particularly when there is the occasional play with interesting flavour combinations to keep things interesting. Such was displayed in my ‘Marco’s Caorunn Drink’ which delivered a refreshing hit of gin, apple, lemon, agave and coriander all lengthened with homemade cassia water. Simple twists on classics such as the elderflower and mint inclusion in the Margarita-esque “Mexican Butterfly” are perfect for those requiring a lighter-tasting libation; whereas fans of the boozy and aromatic are also catered for in well-executed drinks such the ‘Remember the Maine’.

If ever there was a bar designed for a group of individuals with varying cocktail tastes this is surely it. Fruity, boozy, bubbly, classic, fun and so on, whatever your preference there is a drink for you and it’ll probably taste pretty good. Cocktail aficionados might consider it a bit behind the times, but sometimes a shot of retro is just what you need.

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