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Element says:

Element provides a friendly welcome and the laid-back comfort of a traditional pub combined with the polished decor of a style bar and the culinary delights of a top restaurant. Tucked away on Edinburgh’s cosmopolitan Rose Street, Element is well known for its superb food and drinks menus as well as the lively atmosphere of the bar, luxurious decor, and fabulous service. Element remains a style leader in the trendy Rose Street area and is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy quality food and drink in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, whether you’re looking for a quiet working lunch or a night out on the town with friends.

Social and Cocktail says:

In days gone by,Rose Street was the undoubtedly the Mecca for visiting potentates of the potables. This pull has been somewhat dispersed in recent years, but the stretch still retains a number of good drinking establishments. Towards the trendy end of these is Element, on the premises previous known as Breck’s. With a steely chic bar, and continental outdoor seating arrangements, they boast a good array of cocktails for the discerning customer to sample.

We sampled a classic, a twist on a classic, and two in-house creations on our visit. Their classic French Martini (£6) had all the richly cakey charm that you would wish. Indeed, I’m not sure that cake fans should deviate far for this gloriously Chambord-infused liquid, on an average evening out. This is a classic staple cocktail, here more than adequately executed and presented. The Gin Salad (£6.95) featured the (emerging) classic combination of Hendrick’s gin and cucumber, with zingy apple and elderflower notes, topped off with mint. This was a refreshingly virtuous and savoury cocktail, eschewing intense sweetness in flavour of palette cleansing refinement. It would work nicely as a digestif.

The Cherrymeister (£6.95) was an explosive blend of Jagermeister, vodka and cherry brandy, rounded out with apple and crab apple. Packing quite a punch, this was brash and confrontational; a real livener.

Matters were concluded with a Tijuana Espresso (£6.95), which featured patron tequila, espresso, cream and amaretto. A neat variation on the espresso martini, this had a stylish sophistication to it. Out of all the drinks we sampled, I think this one would be the one I’d most regularly order, as the elements came together really well, making for a nicely balanced beverage.

Overall, Element offers some really good cocktail options. The bar staff are confident and charming, and work well to ensure you feel looked after. The place has a nice relaxed atmosphere, and retains a warm pub feel, so represents a good informal spot to spend an evening.


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Element Mai Tai

Element Mai Tai Cocktail Appleton VX, Bacardi 8, Cointreau, orgeat and fresh lime
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