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The Edgbaston

The Edgbaston

The Edgbaston says:

The Edgbaston is a 6 bedroom boutique hotel and cocktail lounge located in Edgbaston, Birmingham. It is a unique refuge of timeless elegance, unwavering taste, and unrivalled care and courtesy.

There are three beautifully designed cocktail lounges to choose from at The Edgbaston.

In a stylish, Art Deco interior of jet-black and gold, the Edgbaston Cocktail Lounge is all about cocktails. Nationally recognised bartenders serving classic cocktails with wit and style in our award-winning throwback to the classic era of Martinis before dinner and service tableside.

The three Cocktail lounges within the Edgbaston offer one of the finest spirits collections in the UK. We want the Edgbaston to be recognised as one of the world’s best Cocktail Lounges. Head Bartender Robert Wood, who has won numerous bartending awards, leads a team of multi-award winning bartenders who want to establish the Edgbaston as one of the best in the world. All cocktails, both classic and new, are made with the finest spirits, and a dedication to bartending that is both rare and fresh. The Edgbaston bartenders have a passion for perfection.

Social and Cocktail says:

Despite officially being England’s second city, Birmingham has long languished far behind the Capital in the cocktail stakes. Whilst not entirely devoid of a decent drink, it’s hardly been the destination of choice for the travelling bon vivant. Until now that is, for Birmingham just upped its game big time.

Brothers Darren and Stuart Insall have already established a reputation for as top-notch hoteliers with The Kenilworth, just a few miles down the road in tranquil, um, Kenilworth.  Their latest venture, sticking with the keep it simple approach to naming sits on an unassuming street in Edgbaston, one of Brum’s posher ‘hoods`.  Pulling up in a less than sparkling Ford Focus feels cheating, for this place oozes sophistication. The dark-walled Georgian/Art Deco mash up effortlessly blends contemporary elegance with timeless grandeur, topped off with chandeliers as sparkly as the service.  It’s playful too; go seek out the gold glitter/sequin-lined corridor.

We were of course visiting for the booze, but suffice to say that not rounding off your night in one of the luxuriously and elegantly appointed rooms is madness, utter madness.

There aren’t many hotels where the GM is also the brains behind the cocktail menu (or not many as good as this at least), but here putting Rob Wood in charge of the lot reveals just how much this hotel revolves around its drinks.  The lengthy menu totaling some 80+ drinks divides itself into sections according to base spirit (or not, teetotallers are certainly not neglected) plus a few miscellaneous themes. Often such menus feel confused, but here not so; this is not a ‘stick one of everything onto the menu and hope for the best’ megamix, it’s a symphony of cocktails devised with the care and attention of a master craftsman.

Much like the Kenilworth, the cocktails here carve a niche that is surprisingly infrequently seen. They are boldly flavoured, complex and showcase the base spirits; and yet they remain approachable, fun, effortless and moreish.  The rum-based ‘Crumble’, tasting precisely like the very best of homemade fruit puddings complete with custard, or the Cognac-based ‘From Cartmel With Love’ (yep, that’s a sticky-toffee pudding flavoured Sazerac) both offer up a taste of the not-too-serious but serious-about-flavour style of this menu. From the classic opulence of the main bar, to the intimate library bar and the dark and sexy basement bar, the full cocktail menu is available three-ways.  Which at first seems a little peculiar, until one spends a little time in each and recalls the reason why cocktails aren’t served by robots. Each bartender brings something different to their station; the chat, the flair, the off-menu treats, they all ensure that each bar feels as unique as the next.

The generally understated and subtle presentation makes the occasional more flamboyant example all the more impressive.  The ‘Nameless Samurai’ is in effect a Japanese Whisky-based Manhattan, but served in a cute little wooden box together with an edible garnish or two on the side, whilst the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ cocooned under a smoke-filled glass cloche just begs to be ordered if only to discover what is hidden inside.

With tasty street-food offerings from local producers on offer to curb the inevitable munchies and slick, attentive and most importantly personal, caring service, there isn’t much not to love about this place.  Timeless, elegant and world-class cocktails; watch out London, Birmingham just grew up.


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