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Dusk says:

Dusk offers its clientele a touch of refined decadence, delivering excellent service, a large selection of premium products and delicious cocktails in glamorous surroundings. Dusk’s standards are maintained by its hand-picked staffs, who are all passionate about product knowledge, cocktails and relaying this information to the customer. Our excellent and extremely popular mixology lessons have assisted in establishing Dusk as one of Aberdeen’s premier cocktail bars. A smart casual dress code, professional clientele and table service in relaxed atmosphere, combined with good music makes Dusk a must on any discerning customers list for an evening’s entertainment. Dusk has won; Trend Magazine 2011 Drinks Destination Award, SLTN 2010 Scottish Style Bar of the Year and has been 1 of only 7 Drambuie Lighthouse bars in the UK since 2009.

Social and Cocktail says:

If you’re looking for a cheap cocktail made in a hurry, and to dance the night away, perhaps Dusk isn’t the bar for you. Polite, friendly security staff open the door for you as you enter this haven of discerning booze. Dimly lit, with jazzy music, and silent films playing in the background, this establishment is perfect if you’re open to something a little different.

Our starter for ten was the Negroni Sours; a mixture of Martin Miller’s Gin, Martini Rosso Vermouth, and Campari Bitters. Alongside the standard Negroni ingredients was the cheeky addition of Egg Whites and Lemon Juice. Shaken and served over ice, with a large orange peel, this cocktail offers a quirky take on the classic, giving a remarkably smooth texture and a delightful taste.

The next drink we ordered was an Old Fashioned, a mixture of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, House Bitters, House Maraschino Cherry Liqueur, Sugar, and Orange Peel. Being quite a precarious drink, we decided to order this twice, from different ends of the bar, to test consistency of drinks. Both cocktails were very well made, the amount of maraschino liqueur complementing the tangy orange zest, both accentuating their individual taste notes from the bourbon excellently. The garnish was a large slice of orange peel, served in a quirky little tumbler over ice. They were even nice enough to bring the second drink over to our seats at the rear of the bar.

Finally, we indulged in yet another classic, the Mint Julep. Keeping strictly in line with tradition, this was served in a metal Julep Cup with a napkin wrapped around the edge to keep it cool. Containing Woodford Reserve Bourbon, a generous amount of Mint Leaves and some Sugar, this drink might read to be quite strong, but after a quick churn together, a topping of crushed ice, and a sprig of mint to garnish, it proved to be very refreshing.

A pleasantly sized wine list, an extensive back bar, and well trained polite staff make Dusk a smashing place to indulge in some proper grown up booze. The speakeasy atmosphere married with a chic interior décor provides an atmosphere that attracts a broad spectrum of clientèle. During the week, we’d take a date here, however at the weekends, the sheer popularity of the bar makes conversation a little difficult; if you’re looking for a place to start your night, or even to finish it, Dusk certainly delivers.

Rob @barobsta

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Dusk’s own Flirtini

Dusk’s own Flirtini Cocktail Chambord, Strawberries, Raspberries blended with ice and topped off with Prosecco
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