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Connich Bar

Connich Bar

Connich Bar says:

Situated in the newly refurbished Hilton Glasgow in the heart of the city, Connich Bar takes its name from the Scottish Gaelic word meaning ‘to encounter’. The recently launched Connich Bar features stylish over-sized arm chairs and banquette seating using a striking palette of orange and a more muted grey, combining the use of contrasting fabrics and textures. Connich Bar serves coffee, tea, a fantastic range of specially selected wines and beers, premier spirits, Champagnes and Prosecco as well as an extensive list of malt whiskies, and mouth-watering food courtesy of Scotland’s glorious natural larder. The bar also boasts a varied cocktail list, which is comprised of classic, Champagne, and Calorie Conscious cocktails or opt for Connich’s signature Glasgow-inspired ‘Connich in the Mist’.

Social and Cocktail says:

The Glasgow Hilton at Charing Cross extensively renovated their hotel bar in early 2012. Previously a closed off room the bar area now seamlessly blends with the spacious hotel lobby lounge, tempting guests and locals alike into The Connich. Inside the décor is traditional, dark wood panelling, brass features, leather chairs but the contemporary fire place and cosy half moon booths give it a modern twist.
The decision to pick a Gaelic word as the bar’s name – Connich translates as “encounter” – is just one of the Scottish details that add a welcome local touch to an international chain. Their signature cocktail, Connich in the Mist, is described as bringing “the taste of Scottish to life”; the mixture of Hendricks gin, thistle infused gomme, bramble jam and seasonal berries, all served in a thistle shaped glass, is nothing short of a cocktail masterpiece. With a stick of dry ice in the glass to create a smoking goblet effect no details have been overlooked to make this cocktail a truly memorable signature drink. If you only have one thing, have this.

For those who’ve attended the hotel spa The Connich offers three of their own “calorie conscious” cocktails.The Botanical Hedgerow, boasting antioxidant properties , is light, refreshing and doesn’t compromise on flavour despite containing only 129 calories. Unfortunately I think the health benefits of these probably rely on your ability to restrain yourself to just one. There’s also a lot of tempting food on offer, the menu includes classic bar food as well as a selection of tapas with a Scottish twist. The Tattie Scone Nachos, fried potato scones, sliced and served with salsa, are a stroke of genius, though they will certainly cancel out the calorie conscious cocktails.

Luckily designing their own creations has not left the classic cocktails as an afterthought.The list includes most of the old favourites with the Strawberry Daiquiri being particularly impressive, served in a giant Martini glass it genuinely tastes like fresh strawberries. If you can’t find something you fancy on the cocktail list The Hilton’s award winning mixoligist John Paul will create your own unique drink based around your preferred spirit or flavour. In fact he’ll relish the challenge of creating one based around your least favourite spirit, claiming he’s created a tequila based cocktail for tequila haters.

In addition to cocktails The Connich offers several classic drafts, a concise selection of world bottled bear and an impressive twenty two malt whiskies. However, as the drinks at the Connich aren’t bargain prices I’d recommend sticking to cocktails. A pint of Stella tastes pretty similar irrelevant of its price tag but the unique preparation of the cocktails is where quality can take centre stage and you really get your money’s worth.

Rowena McIntosh, Glasgow writer for the Skinny

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