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Candy Kitchen and Bar

Candy Kitchen and Bar says:

Candy Kitchen and Bar is all about getting together with best friends to enjoy great food and drinks. Escape the rush and kick back in our hidden urban oasis. It’d be easy to forget that you were in the heart of the city! Nothing beats the late afternoon sun, a few drinks and some sharing platters. Our spanking new kitchen and bar serves simple, seasonal and delicious dishes prepared with love, from fresh, healthy salads and chunky sandwiches to sizzling steaks and burgers straight off the grill.

Social And Cocktail says:

Since 2007 Candy has been one of my favourite places to grab a cocktail in Edinburgh. I was introduced to the George Street bar by an old flame, who worked at a nearby accounting firm. Due to Candy’s location and after work “happy hour” deals, it was the obvious choice for mid-week drinks.

Of course, things change. I’ve grown up a lot since then, Scottish licensing laws are far stricter, and the previously mentioned beau moved to Australia. Candy still holds lots of happy memories for me, however, and it’s somewhere that I still choose to visit: albeit less frequently.

I arranged to meet my current squeeze in the bar after work on Valentine’s Day. He’d perused the extensive menu and settled on an amusingly named cocktail ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’. My eyes were quickly drawn to the Watermelon Martini.

At some point during the past year Candy has gone through a rebrand, which I feel is a bit of a mismatch. Previously, Candy very much suited its name: a cute, smart/casual venue with the flirty sleek fittings we’ve come to expect from other Montpelier venues. The perfect place to take someone on a first date. Now, Candy has the appearance of a ski chalet owned by one of the Sex and the City girls. Silver antlers adorn the walls in place of coat racks, the flat-screen televisions that used to play music videos now display flickering log fires, and faux windows are installed behind the booths to give the illusion of sitting high in the Swiss alps. I can see what they’re trying to do, but I’m not sure if I’d associate the word “Candy” with “ski lodge” (or that I’d associate a ski lodge with cocktails).

I couldn’t help but have a quick flick through the bar bites menu: and noticed a few alpine treats. Toasted marshmallows, chocolate fondue for two: sound delicious, but are these heavy nibbles really going to appeal to cocktail sipping clientele?

My martini was deliciously fruity and refreshing. I enjoyed the decorative chunk of watermelon on the side of my glass (it took me all my willpower not to eat it immediately) although it could have been fresher. The ratio of juice to alcohol is perfect for sipping: not too strong, but strong enough to prevent swigging. Basically it was a lovely little tipple, perfect for a summer’s day and an al fresco girly gossip; happily Candy have kept their outdoor seating area.

All in all, it’s still a lovely place for a first date: but I still can’t quite get my head around where summery cocktails fit in with the ski bunny look.

Jemma Porter of Jemmaeatworld.com


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Signature Cocktail

Candy Cane Swizzle

Candy Cane Swizzle Cocktail Absolut Peach, Fresh cranberry and lemon, Shaken with strawberry bonbon syrup, Served over ice and a candy cane
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