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Blue Dog

Blue Dog

Blue Dog says:

Glasgow’s most popular & well established cocktail bar. Blue Dog don’t just do drinks, we do cocktails & we do real cocktails. There’s 60 house drinks on offer & the staff are well versed in all of the obligatory classics. Come enjoy Mojitos, Sazeracs, Sidecars or Daiquiris & if you can find your favourite tipple on our menu; we’ll be happy to make it for you. There’s a great atmosphere, a relaxed vibe & live entertainment; we don’t do pretension, we just do fun times, so if you’re looking for a great night out in Glasgow; this is the place to be & we’re open daily until 3am!

Social And Cocktail says:

Blue Dog in Glasgow provided atmosphere, sophistication, a baby grand piano and Frank Sinatra playing. Even on a Tuesday night it felt like somewhere fantastic. In its own little world.

The service was excellent. After taking seats at the bar to better observe the ‘mixologist’ at work there was an instant rapport and friendliness. ‘What would you like?’, ‘Don’t be worried about the egg white, it’s just for body’, ‘If you don’t see anything you like then tell me what you do and I’ll mix you something’. You instantly feel at ease despite not knowing your way around the menu, something that I think shouldn’t be underestimated.

I opted for a Lady-Boy; doesn’t everyone? Thai Mekong Spirit expertly mixed with fresh root ginger, fresh lemon juice and squeezed apple juice and egg white. It was pretty stunning and easy to understand why it won a silver medal at the International Cocktail Challenge. Served in a jug over ice it is a wonderfully refreshing blend.

The menu is long and complex; these are proper grown up cocktails with style and finesse and flavour balance. The £6-10 price reflects this. What they aren’t are big glasses of brightly coloured sweet fruity drinks with a couple of shots of cheap vodka. If you want somewhere special then Blue Dog is a fab place to go. Bring your wallet, but relax and be lead on a journey of flavour. And if you really don’t fancy cocktails then the short but classy wine and fizz list should keep you happy.

Graham from scotslarder.blogspot.com


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Madam Mayfair Cocktail Hoxtons Grapefruit and Coconut Gin, Gabriel Boudier Pink Grapefruit Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier Passion Fruit Liqueur, fresh Passion Fruit, fresh Grapes, fresh Lemon Juice and pressed Apple Juice
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