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Barrio North

Barrio North

Barrio North says:

Barrio North is a neighbourhood DJ bar on Islington’s Essex Road that combines the spirit of community and collaboration with street culture from the ‘Ghetto Archipelago’. Taking in the vibe from London to New York, Miami to Mexico, Rio to Havana, Lisbon to Barcelona and any other city where music, art and culture collide and meld in their own unique way.

Barrio North’s neighbourhood is inclusive of anyone with a similar mindset rather than geographic locality. A love of music in all its worldly genres, an appreciation of upcoming musicians , artists and urban poets, combined with an appetite for food and drink sourced from all corners and served how they should be – you’re in Barrios hood!

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Signature Cocktail

The Ol’ Dirty Bastard

The Ol’ Dirty Bastard Cocktail Four Roses bourbon and Santa Teresa rum with a hint of orange gives this new old fashioned a rich oaky finish with a Barrio barrel edge
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Mojito £4 Happy Hour, £7.50 Normal

Margarita £4 Happy Hour, £7.50 Normal


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