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White Chocolate Liqueur

White Chocolate Liqueur is a sweet, white chocolate flavoured liqueur which is used in the sweet and creamy Orange Chocolate Dream cocktail.

There are now several brands of white chocolate liqueur available, with the most popular and widely known being Godiva and Mozart. Godiva white chocolate liqueur is a creation from the famous Belgian master chocolatiers and is the pure definition of alcohol indulgence. Godiva has been of the most famous names in gourmet chocolates since the Belgian chocolatier called Joseph Draps created the company in 1926. Godiva has now a range of chocolate liqueurs including chocolate liqueur, milk chocolate liqueur, and caramel liqueur. Although it can sometimes be difficult to procure a bottle, if you are lucky to pick one up,  simply add vodka to create a stunning White Chocolate Martini.

Mozart white chocolate liqueur is much more readily available than Godiva, and is a perfect mix of cocoa butter, cream and real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Mozart pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients available and this comes through in the taste, which is fantastic caramel, aromatic vanilla, fresh cream and high notes of white chocolate.

There is also another version of white chocolate liqueur available from famous drink producer De Kuyper. This sweet chocolate liqueur is made from a distillate of cacao beans and vanilla, with the difference from the other two liqueurs being that it is a clear coloured liquid.

Due to its colour and sweetness, white chocolate liqueur has become a very popular liqueur at Christmas time and indeed is a ingredient in Christmas themed cocktails such as the White Christmas.