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Sweet White Wine

Sweet White Wine is a sweet and fruity tasting white wine such as the German Rieslings and the Moscato variety. Sweet white wine is a key ingredient in the Passion Fruit Sangria.

Among white wines, dry tends to be more popular than sweet, although sweet white wine has been gaining in popularity over the last decade. Sweet white wines are created when the fermentation is stopped before all the grape sugars have been converted into alcohol. For sweet white wines the sugar adds a certain dimension to balance the acidity.

When trying to decipher whether a white wine is sweet the rule of thumb tends to be the answer will be one of two extremes, either the wine will have a low alcohol content, such as the German Rieslings, probably the most popular sweet white wines or it will have an exceptionally high alcohol content, such as various fortified wines. The one wine which does not adhere to this rule of thumb are the French Sauternes, which are sweet but also tend to have an average abv for a table wine, usually about 13-14%

Cocktails containing sweet white wines tend to be made with a lot of fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice and mixers such as soda water and lemonade. Sweet white wine cocktails tend to be more refreshing than the average cocktail and hence are generally more popular in the summer months.

Although dry white wine is more popular than sweet varieties when it comes to cooking, sweet white wine is often used in the preparation of popular desserts, such as poached pears.