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Mango Vodka

Mango Vodka is a mango flavoured vodka which has become very popular in the last few years, perhaps triggered by the growing popularity of the mango fruit, which is found in many types of Asian fusion dishes. As cocktail bartenders have strived to create more unusual and exotic cocktails, mango vodka has become a much more widely spirit and is a key ingredients in mixed drinks such as the Mango Spice cocktail.

Most of the major international vodka brands have launched a mango version of their drink in the last few years, with Smirnoff, Absolut and Finlandia all getting in on the act. Mango vodka can be served on its own with ice, however, due to its innate tartness, it is probably better to mix it up with some other spirits, liqueurs and soft drink mixers which can help take the tart edge of the spirit.

As can be seen in the juice isle of any supermarket, mango is well known for pairing with other fruits and this plus point about the fruit can be translated to mango vodka, with a shot of the spirit able to bring an exotic new dimension to popular fruit cocktails such as the Appletini.  The most popular fruits juices to be mixed with mango vodka include orange, raspberry and pineapple juice.

Mango vodka can also work well with various herbs and spices and this can illustrated by the delicious Sage Lady which melds mango vodka with some sage leaves to produce a very unique and flavoursome cocktail.