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Guava Rum

Guava Rum is a crystal-clear rum with a very fruity nose, bearing a distinct character to fresh guava. Guava Rum has only one real brand of note and that is Cruzan, which is a premium rum brand that is gaining popularity across the globe. Guava rum is used in various tiki-style and tropical mixed drinks, such as the Fresh Squeeze cocktail.

The taste of guava rum is unsurprising if you are already familiar with guava, which is a tropical fruit native to Latin America and other tropical regions – basically like a rum with a shot of guava juice added. It is sweet and mildly tart and is perfectly enjoyable either served on the rocks or as a way to add an extra fruity twist to your favourite rum cocktails.

If you are in a party mood, you can make delicious guava drops, which are simply prepared by adding guava rum to equal parts lemon & lime and a little drop of orange juice, just to tie the whole thing together.

Guava Rum tends to be weaker than many of its rum buddies, coming in at about 55 proof, hence it is perfect for making lighter cocktails when mixed with other fruit juices and sodas. Due to its fruity flavour it also has a much more refreshing appeal than other rums.

Although Guava Rum is not as strong as standard rum, the fruity guava flavour makes it much easier to drink, so be careful when having a night out with it.