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EggNog is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar and beaten eggs. EggNog will normally have a spirit added, with the most common being brand. EggNog is a key ingredient in the White Christmas cocktail.

EggNog is traditionally assocaied with the Christmas period; however, the exact origins of the drink are clear. One thing that is known is that drink used to be less sweet and typically had much higher alcohol content. The most popular theory about how the name EggNog came about is that it is simply an abbreviation of egg n` grog, which in turn means a drink which is made by using egg and grog. Grog was a historic drink made with water and rum and was introduced to the Royal Navy in the early 18th century.

Although it can be bought in any good off license store, most eggnog is produced at home in the kitchen, due to its simplicity and its association with Christmas food and drink preparation. When making EggNog it is important to be quite tactile and gentle throughout the process, ensuring not to over-beat the cream or eggs. Once eggnog begins to settle for a while it will begin to separate leaving a thick fluid with a light fluffy head. When serving eggnog it is always a good practice to try and ensure that portions have part liquid and part head, as this makes for a much more presentable and satisfying drink

Once eggnog is made, it is a good idea to put into a bottle. The drink will then keep for up to 2 months if refrigerated properly.

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