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Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon wine is one of the most popular and widely recognised red wines in the world. The grape is grown in nearly every major wine producing country and was the most widely planted red grape for the majority of the 20th century, being overtaken in the mid 1990`s by Merlot. Although it is not a common ingredient in cocktails, it does feature in the Bloody Cab cocktail.Cabernet Sauvignon can also be used in alcoholic fruit punches and sangrias, which are particularly popular in some European countries, such as Portugal and Spain.

Cabernet Sauvignon first gained popularity in the Bordeaux wines of France and then spread throughout the other wine producing countries within Europe. The wine is actually a natural crossing of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, which occurred during the 1600s. Cabernet Sauvignon is now also widely produced in the so-called New World regions such as New Zealand and Chile.

Although there are regional variations, the classic profile of Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be full-bodied with noticeable acidity, dark fruit flavours and high tannins. The character of Cabernet Sauvignon is often described as black pepper and tobacco, hence lending it a savoury edge. Wine experts generally recommend pairing Cabernet Sauvignon with foods high in fat, such as a marinated steak fillet.

When selecting a good red wine, it is important to note that Cabernet Sauvignon is usually one of the most expensive. This is not due to lack of supply, as the grape produces a very good yield, but more due to the incredible global demand for the product.