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Blood Orange Vodka

Blood Orange Vodka is blood orange flavoured vodka used in the Anti Freeze cocktail. Blood Orange Vodka has a gentle citrus bite to it and an amazing vibrant colour, which can often help add to the presentation of a cocktail. The blood orange flavour will add an extra sweetness to a variety of classic vodka cocktails.

Blood oranges tend to have a less acidic bite than normal oranges and also have a sweeter flavour, which helps cut through the strength of the vodka. Blood orange vodka is a fairly recent trend, with the smaller, independent vodka brands, such as Indio and Charbay taking the lead. However, Skyy have now also added Blood Orange to their Skyy Infusions range, which has proved to be popular.

Blood orange vodka can be drank on the rocks or with a mixer, such as soda water or fruit juice. Blood orange vodka has also been showing up in Cosmopolitans, with the orange flavour replacing the lemon or lime for a slightly sweeter cocktail experience. You can also mix the blood orange vodka with orange juice and triple sec for a Blood Orange Martini, which is more a vodkatini rather than having any resemblance to the original Martini.

Blood orange vodka can also be created at home, by simple infusing 3 Blood oranges, cut into wheels or slices with a 1 Litre bottle of Vodka and leaving to settle for 3 days. You can finally create the vodka by straining the ingredients through a coffee filer or a cheese cloth.