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Blackberry Syrup

Blackberry Syrup is a sugar syrup flavoured with blackberries. Blackberry syrup is normally a deep red colour with a smooth, velvet taste which is packed with berry flavours.

This syrup is popularly used to flavour smoothies, fruit punches, coffees and is found more and more in a range of cocktails, such as the Blood Martini, which is quite a complex cocktail featuring citrus vodka, ginger liqueur, dark grape juice and blackberry syrup.

There are several varieties of blackberry syrup available, but we recommend the version available from Monin, which delivers a sweet, tangy and ripe blackberry flavour. Blackberry syrup is perfect to make the classic French cocktail, the Kir. It can also be used to make the Bramble cocktail, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Blackberries are grown throughout the world and actually come in over 2000 varieties. The peak season for blackberries is the summer months of July and August but an alternative option is to but them frozen. Blackberries are very versatile and can be used in a variety of drinks, savoury dishes and desserts.