3 Summer Cocktails with Midori Liqueur

3 Summer Cocktails with Midori Liqueur
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As the summer continues to heat up, we have selected 3 fantastic Cocktails with Midori Liqueur to help you cool down. Midori Liqueur is a sweet, melon flavoured liqueur which is made primarily in France and Japan. The word Midori means “green” in Japanese and due to the intense sweetness of the drink it is most often served as an ingredient in cocktails such as the Japanese Slipper or the Midori Sour, in which sour flavours are used to counteract the sweetness. Cocktails with Midori often feature fruit juices such as pineapple and orange juice which lend to a tropical tasting flavoured drink, which is often popular at holiday resorts.

Midori Liqueur was first launched in 1978 at the infamous Studio 54 nightclub and since then it has employed several celebrities to be ambassador to the brand, most recently Kim Kardashian.

The following are 3 cocktails with Midori Liqueur which are definitely worth a try this summer to sample this unique and tasty liqueur.


Midori SpringCupMidori Summer Cup


35 ml Midori

15 ml Lime Juice

2 Cucumber slices, 1 lemon slice

Top with sparkling grape juice


Fill a hi-ball glass with ice. Add fruit. Pour Midori over ice, add the lime juice. Top with sparkling grape juice. Garnish with lemon slice, cucumber slice, mint sprig and melon ball then serve.


Midori ColadaMidori Colada


60 ml Midori

30 ml Rum or Coconut Rum

60 ml Coconut Milk

120 ml Pineapple Juice



Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour over ice


Midori DragonflyMidori DragonFly

30 ml Midori

30 ml Vodka

15 ml fresh Lime Juice

60 ml Cloudy Apple Juice


Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour. Garnish with slice of apple



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Posted: July 24, 2013