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Vodka Wodka

Vodka Wodka says:

Vodka Wodka can be found on a cobbled back street of the West End known as Ashton Lane. The Lane is well regarded as the Glaswegian equivalent of Edinburgh’s Rose St, however, widely regarded as more fun! Vodka Wodka opened in 2001 and is one of Glasgow’s first cocktail bars and has maintained an excellent reputation as one of Glasgow’s most friendly and stylish bars. We have catered to Glasgow University’s student population for more than 10 years and we intend to continue doing so for another 10 at least. Our back bar is recognised as one of the most varied in Scotland, stocking over 100 different brands of Vodka from 15 different countries. From the Kazakhstani Snow Queen to Scotland’s very own Pincer and Blackwoods, we have an outstanding collection, and an ever-growing Rum selection.


Social And Cocktail says:

Don’t let the name deter you if you aren’t a vodka drinker – in Vodka Wodka you’ll find a huge list of cocktails that will please everyone. The most appealing thing about this bar though is the friendly, warm greeting you’ll get as you walk through the doors. Vodka Wodka has loads of personality, so don’t be scared to deviate from Byres Rd and head down infamous Ashton Lane. Charm, humour and great priced cocktails are in abundance here. You can eat if you’re hungry – don’t expect a long list of dishes or anything fancy – their food is strictly bar menu fodder– think ciabattas, pizza and burgers. Compared to that, the drinks menu is epic at 12 pages long (keep it mind it is currently being updated). The back bar would be cosy on a cold night and beautiful in summer when it stays light til after 11pm (apparently there is even a BBQ they light up!). Cocktails range from traditional to bizarre – we sampled the Jolly Rancher (bringing back fond sugary memories of being a kid) as well as the Cuba Libre – rum, lime & coke. Sunday – Thursdays you will find a selection of 5 cocktails for £2.95, with rest of the list coming in at £3.95 – bargain cheap for Glasgow standards.

We loved the atmosphere in Vodka Wodka. It’s the kind of place you walk into and think you’ve been to before, but not because it’s a generic cookie cutter bar – because it certainly isn’t  Vodka Wodka has enough variety that you’d be happy to return over and over again to sample their huge cocktail list. Don’t get glammed up for a big night out to come here, it isn’t that kind of bar. It’s a casual, chilled out bar that caters for students and locals looking for decent priced drinks in a relaxed setting.

Reviewed by Briony, The Glasgow Food Blog


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