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The Finnieston

The Finnieston says:

At the Finnieston bar & restaurant we specialise in drinks of a refined and classical nature, we think about the food we serve and design a new cocktail and mixed drink menu to suite the food we serve. We draw our influence from Italian drinking culture, we design cocktails to be aperitifs of a short and zesty character to tantalise the taste buds before a meal or as a refresher between courses, as well as this we change the menu every one to two months depending on what ingredients as in season, from the customers prospective this keeps it interesting and makes them want to keep coming back.

Social and Cocktail says:

The Finnieston area of Glasgow has been slowly building a reputation as one of the best areas in the City to go for a night out with lots of interesting and unique pubs, bars and restaurants emerging, each with their own particular selling point.  It’s fitting then that the bar named after the area perfectly illustrates this, offering a fantastic atmosphere and great drinks, while maintaining its own sense of style. The main focus is on seafood, with this following through to the decor, where there are hints of all things seafaring if you look hard enough. We didn’t try the food at this visit, but what we saw encouraged us to give it a go in the near future.

The cocktails list is pretty extensive, and covers most tastes, with gin cocktails getting a bit more preference. The staff were excellent, and guided us through the menu with ease. They were also happy to go off-menu, and seemed pretty comfortable with any requests that were thrown at them. We tried the signature Finnieston Club cocktail, which was fantastic, even if you aren’t a huge fan of gin. A Rum and Orange cocktail was also excellent, with the smell of the orange working brilliantly with the dark rum. The barman met our slightly drunken challenge of providing something easy to drink by going off-menu and making a Pegu Club, which should probably make the menu if they ever revise it!

The Finnieston easily won us over, with the decor, the atmosphere and the quality of the drinks all combining to give us a really good night out.  Highly recommended, and we will be back without any hesitation.

Review by Briony, The Glasgow Food Blog

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